What is SMGI®

…this work draws out the power of your own Inner Wisdom from your subconscious - just slightly beneath the surface of your ordinary conscious awareness.

Change your life by working with the power of your subconscious with SMGI®


SMGI® is a gentle process of connecting to the goodness in you, clearing away what’s not you, or no longer helps you; and returning your lost or disowned parts so the stress stops and your you get recharged.

SMGI®is gentle inner-journey work that quickly brings healing to the root of your struggles.

SMGI® gets you feeling more comfortable in your skin, more peaceful, confident and joyous.


Are you a good, kind person who wants to make more progress in your relationships, health and career?

Are you feeling stuck where you’re at and want to move beyond current limits, so you can bless your life and those around you?

With SMGI® you can

• Connect to your strengths to create your dreams.

• Clear inner clutter blocking your progress.

• Bring your lost parts back online and be free of the inner stressors sapping your strength.

What you’ll experience with SMGI®

Because hidden energies that remain in your system will keep sending out their distress signals until you go get them where they are. With SMGI® it’s easy to release them if no longer helpful, or bring them to safety, if they’re needed to move forward. Until you do this you’ll continue to be blessed by the signals letting you know what needs your attention!rumi

The SMGI® process makes it easy and enjoyable to get clear, connected and free. Free of the signals creating unwanted habits and uncomfortable feelings, so you can just be YOU.

Because your ability to heal and create is far greater than has been recognized, while flashier more dramatic offerings have been center stage. Since so many of us have been there, tried that, its all been a great part of what’s made us ready to go deeper! None of it’s been a waste, it’s all informed and inspired your desire to go within. Good for you!

Both new signals (symptoms) and longstanding, can shift easily with this wonderful protocol.

Uncomfortable feelings, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, can be relieved as you meet the parts they’re coming from in your inner-world and find out what they want, what they need, and how they’re trying to help (even if: ouch!)

Helping you change 

what you want to change, 

and set yourself free 

through the wisdom 

of your mind, body and soul.

The SMGI® process… 

heart…makes it easy to connect as deeply as you need to, to get free of old patterns, get connected to new capacities, and enjoy living in your body, on this earth, at this time!

You’ll notice certain things are different, better, and easier after each session. After a few sessions, others will start remarking on the change in you. We get many new clients that way! They want some too! 

Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® is rooted in ancient wisdom and indigenous healing arts; validated by modern research and evidence-based healing methods. SMGI® has the power to free you from subconscious blocks and make your dreams accomplishable.

Things that you may not even remember – or have dismissed as not important, have left imprints in the neural pathways deep inside your head brain, your heart brain and your belly brain!  And you can clear these by meeting them where they are, inside you, with the help of a good SMGI® Guide. 

Using the most helpful aspects of parts work, inner child work, and guided imagery, you’ll be touched by the beauty you encounter within.

keyIncluding easy meditation, and somatic, body-centered exploration and discovery, this ancient wisdom process helps you quickly release the invisible barriers in your mind and body that prevent you from living the life you deserve.

It includes the parts of shamanism, hypnosis, and mythology that make it easy to access the power of the subconscious in ways that are quickly, gently and profoundly healing.

Deep stuff.

Limiting self-perceptions, some universal to the human experience, others specific to you, can be re-perceived, as the scales fall from your inner eyes and you experience the beauty you carry.

The language of the subconscious is images, symbols, metaphors, analogies and feelings, while the conscious mind translates that into words, and creates questions, putting us on a quest!

With SMGI® you’ll get to experience both sides of your brain working together, your mind and body working together, and experience the part of you that’s in the center of it all.

As you do, old ways of being dissolve and new ways emerge, seemingly effortlessly, as the comfort, ease and confidence just rolls right out of you.

Work With Me.


This work helps you feel stronger and freer by connecting to your inner strengths, clearing away what hurts and reconnecting to what you got disconnected from in the stresses of overwhelming events (trauma).

It’s our greatest joy to support you in living the life you deserve, healthy, happy and whole. We’ll work together to support the thriving of your health, wealth, and relationships.

And we get it done! 

Those of us that are SMGI® Guides do this work and love this work because it’s so richly rewarding so quickly and gently. And, it’s the most effective method we’ve experienced to gently yet profoundly get quantum leaps into healing and freedom.

We are trauma-informed mind-body healing guides who specialize in helping you quickly create what you want by working with the power in your subconscious. This is where you can easily connect to strengths, clear inner clutter, and integrate fragmented, split off, or hidden parts of your essential self that are needed to move forward into your dreams.


This work.

1This work draws out the power of your own Inner Wisdom from your subconscious - just slightly beneath the surface of your ordinary conscious awareness.

SMGI® Does 3 critical things: 


1) Connects you to inner strengths. 

2) Clears inner obstacles between you and the love of life. 

3) Reconnects you to parts of your essential nature that you need, to move forward and create your dreams.



A note from Gina


Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® organized itself around my personal healing journey, and time with wonderful teachers and mentors, including my clients, who taught me what worked best to get them out of suffering and into healing most quickly and effectively.

Having worked with a wide variety of many healers, and supporting various healing specialists in my wellness clinic for a decade, SMGI® is the most transformative work I've experienced personally, and my clients continually report the same for them.

This journeying inwards, into your self, your inner world and the incredible beauty and power to be found there, is not for everybody. If it feels like it’s for you, reach out, let’s chat, and we’ll get you some clarity on how best to proceed.

I developed the SMGI® protocol standing on the shoulders of giants. If I’ve seen more, and farther than my mentors and teachers did, it’s not because my sight is superior or because I am greater than they, but because they raised me up, and by their great stature added to mine.  As we Guides hope to add to yours.  (I riffed here inspired by Sir Isaac, as well as theologian John of Salisbury).

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”



What is a session like?

The first session is unique, as we’ll spend time laying the groundwork for you to get the most out of subsequent sessions by going over the subconscious priming Questionnaire. And you’ll leave that session with some mind-body skills to easily incorporate into your life that work like magic to calm you.

In subsequent sessions we’ll do a helpful check-in; then guide you inwards to connect to inner sources of strength and support, clear away obstacles, and retrieve the parts of you that you need to accomplish your dreams.

You’ll experience how easy it can be to follow the images and sensations that organically arise from your own Inner Wisdom. It’s like a kind of directed day-dream, that leads to profoundly life-changing experience, designed for you, by your own Inner Wisdom.

How many sessions does it take?

How many sessions always depends on the individual and the layers needed to be strengthened and cleared so the love, comfort and freedom can blossom bigger and fuller. 

Most people work in sets of 3 or 6 sessions at a time, for as many times as feels right. If you're not familiar with this work, you can experience an initial session, at the end of which you will know for certain if this work is for you, at this time. 

We typically meet weekly, or every-other-week initially, and for those who desire continued support after completing substantial work together, monthly and bimonthly sessions can be scheduled.

The more you do, the more you get!

How soon will I notice a change?

You’ll experience benefit in each session - even if you only have one. You’ll notice certain things are different, better and easier because of the time we’ve spent together. How do we know this? 20+ years of clients reporting it! And a few only came one time, but sent many other clients because of their life-changing experience!

What's the process?

Each session lasts 90 minutes, up to 2 hours.

Ideal spacing between sessions is 1-2 weeks.

We work with people all over the world over the internet and sometimes by phone.

Payment plans are available for 3 and 6 session packages via After Pay or PayPal.

What's included?

The gently powerful process in SMGI® provides two branches of support: 1) tools for effective nervous system calming on your own, outside our sessions, and 2) inner journeys of exploration and discovery where you can resolve the root cause of your suffering - sometimes in one fell swoop, other times incrementally over time.

Your experience being guided into your inner world by an SMGI® Guide is unique in how non-bossy, nonjudgmental, and spacious the experience is with a light hand from your guide.  

There won’t be anything for you to get right or get wrong, as your experience will richly unfold and organically arise from within you.

Your Most Complete Inner Wisdom will bring you the most beneficial experience for you at the time of each session. We see this again and again.

What wants to be known to you, by You, and for you?

Experience this work and find out!

Feel better.  Do better.  Be happy.

About Gina

Gina Vance is a trauma-informed mind-body healing coach who developed SMGI® and specializes in helping you quickly move into your desires by working with the power in your subconscious. This is where you can easily connect to strengths, clear inner clutter, and integrate fragmented, split off, or hidden parts or your essential self that are needed to move forward into your dreams.


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