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Are you no longer willing to tolerate your suffering and ready to resolve the root cause creating your distress?

You can work with your mind and body to use pain as a springboard to pleasure; and obstacles as signposts to accomplishing your aims - creating results in the areas of life that most matter to you.

You can experience the rich adventure of discovering and uncovering hidden abilities to master the unique challenges life has offered you with mind-body skills.

Using simple, profoundly effective mind-body tools, you can easily access and utilize the resources you have within you to realize your goals, desires and dreams, and resolve inner obstacles holding you back.

The self care and self awareness techniques we practice together include guided imagery, self-hypnosis, active meditation, mindfulness, inner journeying, and simple breathing techniques to help you manage your pain, anxiety and stress, and heal the trauma that hinders you.

Our work gently guides you into your subconscious to the remedy for what stresses you, and to your untapped sources of strength, to overcome unconscious blocks, and uncomfortable feelings related to past shocks, traumas, overwhelms and regrets.

A Note From Gina

Gina Vance If you've been journeying into self discovery and growth and are ready for a gentle quantum leap into your unique power, beauty and ability to express and collaborate with your multi-dimensional self, consider the potential rewards of learning to quickly and easily journey into your mind and body to explore, encounter and understand ways you can heal the pain of your despair and serve your highest purpose in fulfilling ways. Our work together will honor all aspects of you and all experiences you have endured and survived, as you successfully close completed chapters and author new satisfying successes.

I specialize in helping initiates in transitional passages get a lot done relatively quickly, and leading you through practices, tips, tricks and methods that you can use on your own to successfully move through your challenges and into deeper connection with your source of inspiration. Mastering mind body and spirit.

Our work together is unique in how it honors all behaviors, functional or "dysfunctional" as factors originating from good intention, usually related to protection and survival. What once may have been an ingenious inspired way to get through a moment of overwhelm or danger, may have out-lived its purpose.

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