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Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery Training


What's Included

Add to your skillset and soar in your meaningful work in the world.

This program gets you firmly established in significant and noticeable change for the better, while providing you with tools and support materials to use personally and professionally, along with business building supports to launch your work in the world.

All customized to your unique gifts, talents, abilities and desires. Three private one-to-one sessions, plus three consults with Gina.

  • We will meet on Zoom Fridays at 4:30pm Pacific Time US, and 7:30pm Eastern Time US - all other work can be done on your own whenever desired. 
  • Recordings of all class sessions and private sessions that are yours to download and keep.
  • Lifetime access to self-study online materials
  • Written explanations of how and when to use the mind-body tools with yourself & others
  • Downloadable outlines to remind you of the steps to walk yourself through and that other helping professionals in your life can use to verbally walk you through the steps with
  • Videos guiding you through the steps of the self-regulating and healing processes
  • Downloadable guided meditations to further strengthen and stabilize your mind-body and nervous systems and help others do the same
  • Business building practices and protocols to support your profitable, sustainable Life Work
  • Downloadable E-Book & Guided imagery downloads of restorative imagery
  • Email and text access to Gina for brief check ins
  • SMGI guide certificate at completion

In this 18 module, immersive training in the art of Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery, you'll learn about, experience, and practice some of the simplest, most powerful and effective ways to get profound results quickly, easily and permanently - in safe and gentle ways - for yourself, and those you serve.

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SMGI certificate program

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