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“Gina, what a wonderful teaching experience into the wonderful way our body responds and its marvelous workings. You did a wonderful and engaging job. I have heard some real positive feedback. It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  You are the BOMB!  Thanks!" 


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Gina tailors each hearty* presentation to your unique audience, bringing an upbeat style and heartfelt passion to groups interested in creating change for the better.

You'll learn about easy, natural and low-maintenance mind-body tools to relieve stress and pain, and change habits, to feel peaceful, confident and empowered.

Topics To WOW Your Group:

➟ Mindfulness Made Easy

➟ Mind-Body Skills to Manage Stress & Pain

➟ Root-Cause Resolution Mind-Body Medicine

➟ How To Heal with SMGI - Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery

➟ Balance Your life, Manage Your Stress, Achieve Your Goals

➟ It's All Healable

➟ Learn Renegade Meditation to Feel Better Fast

➟ Using Mind-body Interactive Skills to Help Others

➟ Using Mindfulness & Guided Imagery to Empower Healing

➟ Meditation as Inner Adventure for Comfort & Healing

More Accolades

“Wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever had my eyes opened to something that affects me everyday that I had never noticed before.”  M. A., STUDENT, THE FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN & MERCHANDISING, SAN FRANCISCO, CA

“She enjoys her subject and that makes it fun.”  Jon B., ENGINEER, SACRAMENTO, CA

“ A different perspective as to how to reach and treat clients.”  George Hiatt, MFT, MODESTO, CA

“The techniques you taught me to deal with negative and uncomfortable feelings have been invaluable. I use them all the time. It centers me incredibly! I feel much more comfortable in my own skin, more confident, and I trust my intuition more. I feel empowered.”  School Psychologist, MODESTO, CA

“Your workshop was packed with excellent information and creative demonstrations and right on target for the participants. We know from comments and the attention of the audience that you achieved and surpassed the objectives for the workshop. Thank you so much for your high quality, creative presentation.”  Shirley McGillicuddy, Consultant, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA INTERIOR DESIGN CONSORTIUM FORUM, SACRAMENTO, CA

“Excellent!  Well organized, good speaker, and loves what she does.” Mike S., Architect, SAN FRANCISCO, CA

“Excellent presentation, very informative and useful.”  Tom P., SACRAMENTO, CA

Presentation Possibilities

Each talk topic can be customized to your audience and event schedule. Below are a few common options that have worked in the past for other organizations:

30-45 Minute Keynote:  Inspiration and quick tips to use with self and others.


60-90 Minute Keynote:  Life-changing information along with transformative exercises to practice and share.


1/2-day Workshop:  Get deeper into the tools and the rationale; what they’re good for, and how and when to use them, with exercises to more easily integrate the content into life and work.

Full day to Multi-Day Workshop:  An incredible opportunity to get facility with using and sharing Interactive Mind-Body Tools personally and professionally.

Book Gina for Your Event

Gina Says: “Contact me to let me know about your group and your goals to determine the best format for your needs and budget. I’d be delighted to create some magic with you for your group!  Visit the Contact page on this site, or feel free to email or phone me at:  [email protected] or 415-275-4221”.


Who Likes This Stuff?

These presentations are designed for any person who is interested in evidence-based methods that are easy and fun to use to change things for the better. Audiences have included: Corporate Professionals, and adults working with others in a professional capacity, including: Educators, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Counselors, Mental Health and Pastoral Counselors, Life, Health & Transformational Coaches, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Physicians and Physician Assistants, Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners; At-Risk Youth; Trauma Survivors and those who support them.   


Who's Gina Vance?

Gina Vance is a mindfulness, guided imagery and trauma healing expert teaching mind-body interactive skills in private practice; in groups, and in her upcoming book series: It's All Healable: Going Within to Work it Out. Described by clients as a therapeutic mentor, soul coach and "Gina Van-tastic", Ms. Vance has a reputation for being able to reconnect her clients to hope and then quickly experience transformation while recognizing their own power, beauty and value.


To find out about booking Gina Vance for a speaking at your event, contact at 415-275-4221 or [email protected]


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