Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery

You can unleash the awesome power of your subconscious mind and make changes quickly and effectively with trauma-informed interactive hypnotherapy and guided imagery with Gina Vance.  After healing her own severe and physically disabling PTSD, Gina has been showing others how since 2001.

You can learn how to reduce or eliminate the pain of chronic or post-traumatic stress with the power of your subconscious mind.

Learn self-hypnosis, and self-guided imagery to relieve pain, frustration, anxiety, phobias, trauma & PTSD. A powerful support to relieve addictions, stop smoking, get unstuck and increase your confidence, ease and comfort.

Phone Sessions, Skype, or in-person.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Hi, I’m Gina Vance, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Healer, and Meditation Coach.

Though I had the highest level of training in hypnotherapy, I found the doctor/patient model or practitioner/subject kind of therapeutic relationship, to be very limited.  

You know - my job to figure out what’s “wrong” with you; your job to comply with my prescription, or “suggestion”.


It wasn’t until I began to incorporate interactive forms of guided imagery, and mind-body skills into my work, that my clients’ results went off the charts - so much so, that I became known in my hometown, as the one to go to when nothing else worked!

Even though I insisted it wasn’t me, it was the tools - I was nevertheless given credit for the miracles that occurred in my office, all the while knowing that, yes, I am highly skilled with the tools, but this is a power available to all humans:

The power of the subconscious mind,

the imaginal realm,

the inner world.

Over the last 2 decades my clients have helped me develop a process of interactive inner journeying that taps into the phenomenal capacities hidden in every human.

Because no matter what you’ve done, or has been done to you, It’s All Healable.

If this feels like something that you might be ready for -

Check through this website to learn more about me, and my work, and the kinds of results others have gotten in our work together.

And feel free to contact me to schedule a complimentary phone call, where we can determine if this work is a good fit for you.

The adventure within awaits.

Are you game?

What Is Hypnosis?

Hi, I’m Gina Vance, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Healer, and Meditation Coach.

And I’ve found that when I tell some people I am a hypnotherapist, their eyes get big and they’ll say something like: “You hypnotize people?”

It doesn’t matter what I say after that, because the predominant amount of their attention is on some freaky hypnosis movie or stage show they once saw - and so no matter what I say, that’s where the predominant amount of their attention is!

hypnosis is a powerful way to harness and direct the phenomenal power of the mind-body connection,

But in the simplest terms, it’s really just where the predominant amount of your attention is directed; what you’re most immersed in in a given moment.

It’s a highly receptive state (that doesn’t require relaxation) where we take in details either because of shock and awe, repetition, or association - basically learning.

Once we’ve learned something, it can be accessed automatically as your ABCs.

Trouble is, not everything we learn is good, right or true.

Hypnotherapy can help you update deeply-held perceptions and understandings of yourself and of life, that you no longer find to be true, and free yourself of self-limiting subconscious beliefs.

It is NOT a truth serum!  Yes you can most certainly lie while a highly focused state called hypnosis! And everything that comes into your awareness in hypnosis is not a fact! - the subconscious is full of lies, for example: you are not lovable, you are not worthy, you are not valuable, you don’t have what it takes - and so on!

I beg to differ!

I teach how to work with hypnosis and its spin-off modalities in private consultation, small groups, seminars, and in trainings for health and helping professionals.

What is called "hypnosis" is the mother of all mind-body practices, including guided imagery, NLP, mindfulness, meditation, mental imagery, creative visualization, self-inquiry, and so on.

Whatever you’ve learned in difficult experiences, It’s All Healable.

If this feels like something that you might be ready for -

Check through this website to learn more about me, and my work, and the kinds of results others have gotten in our work together.

And feel free to contact me to schedule a complimentary phone call, where we can determine if this work is a good fit for you.

The adventure within awaits.  Are you game?

What is Guided Imagery?

Hi, I’m Gina Vance, Mind Body Mentor, and Inner Journey Guide.

And in my mind-body healing practice and in the meditation courses I teach, we use Guided Imagery as a gentle yet powerful tool for healing, comfort and radical transformation.

In fact, it may be one of the most potent and transformative of the mind-body healing practices.

But what is guided imagery, really?


First let me tell you what it isn’t:

It isn’t “visualizing” mental pictures, and though not criminal to refer to it that way, it’s really not accurate, and leaves a lot of folks out, that aren’t particularly visually oriented.

In fact, some studies report that 45% of people don’t “see” mental pictures easily.

Imagery has more to do with your imagination than mental pictures.

And however you imagine - and whatever you imagine - affects your biology profoundly.

When you’re worried, afraid, or ticked off, your body is living the experience you are imaging!

And, when you consciously immerse your attention in something that feels good to you, your body will live that experience as well!

Guided imagery is an aspect of hypnosis - which is simply a way of directing the predominant amount of your attention to what to what you choose to - in your imagination.

And your imagination lives in your body.  

While imagery welcomes thinking, it also includes feeling, sensing and experiencing - in-your-body!.

Guided imagery can be self-guided or guided by another, whether in person or by recording,

And when you have an opportunity to use it in an interactive way - soley based on, and responsive to what is coming up in your imagination, it can quickly connect you to the beauty, truth, healing and power that you’ve had inside you all along!

One handy trick in using imagery - or your imagination - to get more deeply and profoundly immersed in what you want to give your attention to, is to imagine travelling through your senses.

A handy acronym for this is A-V-K-T-O (think: Avocado) for Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, Tactile and Olfactory.

Or rather more simply: If there were a sound associated with what you’re imagining, what would it be?

Notice any colors, textures, sizes or shapes associated with what’s come to mind for you?

What do you notice about how it feels in your body as you notice what’s come to mind for you?

If you imagine touching or being touched by what you are noticing, what would that be like?

Is there a smell, scent, fragrance or aroma associated with what’s come to mind for you?

As you guide yourself, or are guided through these aspects of your senses, you will get more fully immersed in what you are giving your attention to in the imaginal realm, and as you do, your biology will respond more and more profoundly.

Guided imagery is an easy way to activate our natural and innate capacity to feel better and to heal.

With a plethora of research supporting the effectiveness of guided imagery, it’s an evidence-based approach you can safely and confidently use with ease to create the changes you want to create.

It even works while sleeping - as your subconscious mind rehearses the prompts in an audio, while your body “lives” the experience!

For high quality guided imagery audio recordings, you can visit sites like healthjourneys.com and thehealingmind.org, as well as my website in the link below where you can find both audio and video recordings of guided imagery - to strengthen and stabilize your mind-body systems, and activate your power to heal and create.

And if working interactively with an expert inner journey guide sounds like a good boost for you right now,

Click the link below this video, visit my website, and learn more about me, my work, and the kinds of results others have gotten in our interactive inner journey work.

And feel free to contact me to schedule a time where we can talk further to determine if this kind of work is the quantum leap into healing and comfort that you’ve been looking for.

Because feeling better and creating well, may be easier than you’ve yet imagined.


 The Research

Over the past 40 years, the effectiveness of guided imagery has been validated by research, demonstrating its positive impact on health, wellness, attitude, behavioral change and peak performance.

  • Less than 10 minutes of hypnotic guided meditation can reduce stress, blood pressure, cholesterol and hemoglobin A1C levels in the blood.
  • It can heighten short- term immune cell activity, and it can speed up healing from fractures and burns.
  • It’s been shown to reduce blood loss during surgery and opioid use after it.
  • Guided imagery lowers anxiety and pain.
  • It increases athletic mastery at skiing, skating, shooting, golf and tennis; and skill and confidence at writing, acting, singing, test-taking and public speaking.
  • It increases purposeful weight loss and smoking abstinence.
  • And it has been proven invaluable during medical procedures like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, ventilator weaning, biopsy and dialysis.
  • Regular use of guided imagery can heighten access to emotional depth, humor, responsiveness to music, spirituality, intuition, creativity, abstract thinking and empathy.

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

How many sessions always depends on the individual and the layers needed to be strengthened and cleared so the love, comfort and freedom can blossom bigger and fuller. Most people work with me in sets of 6 sessions at a time, for 3, 6 or 12 months.  If you're not familiar with my work, I recommend you experience an initial session, at the end of which you will know for certain if this work is for you, at this time. We typically meet weekly, or every-other-week initially, and for those who desire continued support after completing substantial work together, monthly and bimonthly sessions are available.

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