Gina Vance, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 

and Mind-Body Coach with SMGI®

Gina Vance

My Life Journey

I serve as a mind-body coach, mentor and guide to coaches, clinicians and agents of change here to transform the world for the better, and help others do the same. I write, speak and consult, teaching simple ways to make practical use of the mind-body connection for stress management and healing on multiple levels.

As founder and director of a premier integrative wellness center, with a rich variety of integrative, holistic and functional medicine practitioners, I brought my broad holistic and integrative therapies knowledge and experience to my community, while supporting top-quality wellness professionals in growing their opportunities to ply their skills while creating sustainable, profitable, autonomous businesses, under my mentorship.

I've studied with the medical doctors who founded the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and the Academy for Guided Imagery, trained with Mindful Schools, with shamans, and many healers; some grounded in scientific research, others wildly instinctual.

A graduate of the Academy for Guided Imagery and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Inner Guidance Life Coach, Mind-Body Skills Advanced Professional, and creator of Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery ® - a root cause resolving method of mind-body exploration, discovery and healing.


Gina Vance

Together with what I know to be heroic souls on healing journeys or, ‘clients’, I've developed a uniquely transformative blend of mind-body tools to relieve stress, pain and anxiety; change unwanted habits, and feel peaceful, confident and empowered.

My experience in life, love and business building, brings power to my work helping high achievers reach beyond their limits. The combination of my academic training, technical training, and soul-knowledge, enriches the power of our work to catalyze recovery for trauma survivors; educators, helping-professionals and clinicians. These experiences of how easy it can be to connect to the power within, leaves you with mind-body skills that are easy to incorporate into your life and work. 

These mind-body tools support the transition between your life as it has been and the new life you want to create, in ways that access and utilize your own unique genius; in service to your unique mission and purpose.


Kayse Gehret

"Gina Vance is one of the top mind/body practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area and known for her incredibly transformative, effective work with deep healing, trauma and self-discovery. Join her for a unique, richly rewarding voyage into your inner-self!"


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How Gina Vance Healed Naturally from Excruciating Back Pain


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