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Hi, I'm Gina Vance, a mind-body coach who helps professionals connect to the power in their subconscious to relieve pain, get calm, and accomplish their dreams.

I teach mind-body skills in private sessions, in retreats, and in an annual training course for helping professionals.  

If you know someone who’d like to journey inwards with an expert guide, send them to MindBodyJourneys.com to learn more about me, my work, and the kinds of results others have gotten with this work, so they can feel better, do better, and be happy.

My work with clients has brought me to believe that human beings have a phenomenal untapped capacity to heal, love and contribute.

I teach mind-body healing skills that are deeply simple and easy to use, with a special kind of hypnotherapy called Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® or SMGI®. This method gives you a direct experience of your inner spirit, so that you can release old traumas and stuck energy, and embody more of your best self.

What my clients have in common, is an ardent desire to perform well, serve well, and love well.

Together, we release the suffering caused by the inner blocks that interfere with the free flow of your vitality, and get you free to feel more inner peace, confidence and meaning, so you can accomplish what you want to in this life.

Because I recognize that you are a heroic soul on an intense journey of discovery, it is my joy and pleasure to serve as your Sherpa-like guide for the adventures awaiting you in your inner world.

With great faith in your soul,



In the video below, I share some examples this work.

See my YouTube channel page for more examples.

Below, Dawn shares her experience with this work.

"Gina Vance helped direct me, (to quit smoking) and I’m happy to say I didn’t have any withdrawals.  Even though I was very skeptical, she led me to the result I like.  I would highly recommend Gina Vance to anyone who’s looking to further themselves in any way - she’s even helped me post-smoking to learn how to deal with stress and take things to the next level with my business and further my career."



If you're unwilling to be held back by past experiences or present circumstances, and you want to develop a stronger relationship with your inner wisdom, strength and ability to create change, you can access the answers inside you to resolve the source of unwanted behaviors and experiences.

You can comfortably and confidently be who and what you truly are, and bless the world with the unique gifts you carry.

You can turn tragedy into triumph, resolve the root cause of unwanted symptoms, and experience freedom from anxiety, pain, unwanted behaviors and overwhelming emotions.

Your Mind, Body and Spirit know how.

Our work together incorporates a unique style of Collaborative Coaching, along with Interactive Inner Journeying (an advanced form of hypnotherapy), so you can experience some truly simple yet profoundly transformative mind-body healing to free yourself to realize your dreams.

The coaching part of our work does not hold you “accountable” to your coach, but honors your own inner guidance and freedom to choose. Our collaboration is intended to support you in accessing your own truth, your own wisdom, and what needs to happen or be experienced for you to change what you want to change.

Includes the foundational steps of SMGI® - Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® to manage your symptoms, strengthen your systems, and heal, by resolving the root causes driving unwanted or overwhelming feelings. An accessible way to get results that will amaze you - in gentle, yet powerful ways.


This work is informed by Guided Meditation, Somatic Meditation, Interactive Guided Imagerysm, Hypnotherapy, Mind-Body Skills, Shamanism and Transformational Coaching, but most of all, by the wisdom garnered through experience, of our souls, working together - yours and mine.

Together we'll work to help you access strengths and inner resources to optimize your ability to make the changes you want to make, and live with a greater sense of ease and purpose, loving yourself and your life more and more, and sharing your gifts in ways that change the world for the better.

"These methods are unique in the way they honor each participant, not as a “dysfunctional” mess in need of repair, but as a heroic soul on an intense journey of discovery - of their own wondrous nature, and capacities to transform their experience." 


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