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Quaren-Care Freebies

During this time of radical transformation of our way of living it's natural to feel off center, upset, afraid, and all manner of feelings - mind, body and spirit.  I encourage you to honor whatever the different parts of you are feeling, and let it move through you, as well as reaching out for virtual support with someone or an online group that brings you noticeable benefit.

You can use this 5 minute meditation to quickly and easily connect to your capacity to shift your experience into calm, settled, stable and clear - so you can best care for yourself and those in your sphere of influence.

In just 5 minutes, you can calm your nervous system enough to access your creativity and intuition to know what next step to take, lower your stress, and increase your immune response.

Because it's so effective, I teach it to every private client, every group I teach and every workshop I facilitate.  Two decades of use by myself, and the reports of my clients and students have shown me its power.

I encourage you to experiment with it as a brief meditation, and when you have the 4 Steps memorized, you'll be able to move through them in 15 seconds or less, on your feet, in the middle of a stressful situation or event.

Enjoy this gift of peace and power.

If you would like a written outline of these 4 Essential Steps to carry with you as a reminder, click 4EssentialSteps.pdf to download.

Here's to your optimum health on all levels in comfortable ways,


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