Is There A Shaman In You?



Experience the part of you that's naturally good at journeying to unseen places to retrieve answers and soul fragments to empower and heal. 

Is There a Shaman in You?

Because the medicine you seek is within you, when you access and receive it, any helpful external medicines/therapies/opportunities begin to work better for you.

We'll use some simple, powerful, and direct ancient practices that gently and respectfully guide you to the treasure you seek - hidden just beneath the surface of your awareness.

We will journey to:

  • Connect to inner resources, including allies, guides, protectors and your deep Self.
  • Clear away inner obstacles, safely releasing or extracting any interfering energies.
  • Re-member who you are, by locating, and returning split-off fragments of your essential Self - parts of you that possess wonderfully helpful qualities that you need in order to live the experience of wholeness that allows for a greater sense of freedom, ease, joy, creativity and love. 

Sometimes called soul fragments, these are the pieces of us that have had to sort of break away in order to hold something in the depths of our subconscious to keep us or others safe in times of trouble.

Though these parts have splintered away, they are still in our psyche, and when we reintegrate them, not only do we have more of what’s good and helpful freely flowing through us, but we also become free of the stress, pain, depression or anxiety that was letting us know that these aspects needed to be loved back home.

No previous experience necessary.  All ages 16 and older are welcome.  Please bring paper/a journal and something to make notes of your experiences with.


Gina Vance is a Mind-Body Mentor and Inner Journey Guide who brings her experience with shamans, integrative medical doctors and a wide range of healers, to her full-time private practice guiding individuals and groups on inner journeys of self discovery, healing and transition.

Gina teaches mind-body methods that are easy, natural and delightfully transformative, resolving anxieties, malaise, and feeling “stuck”; while healing the traumas at the root of unwanted habits and experiences.

She knows how to guide you into the depths of your subconscious and deep Self in a light and comfortable way, so that you can experience the beauty, power, and value that is intrinsically yours to embody and express in the waiting world.

Join her to experience how to have more fun while doing more good.

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