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When You're Ready To Go Deep - It's All Healable.
Mind-body tools to fix things and change things from the inside out.
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     Rates & Recommended Programs

A minimum of 3 sessions is encouraged; 6-12 sessions is recommended. To get the most value from this work, several sessions are suggested because there are often many layers to move through to support your natural, authentic well-being. Healing and accessing your True Power is easy to do, but it does not happen all at once.

All sessions are prepaid to hold your space on my calendar.


Single Session $269

First time and not sure how much you want to invest in this kind of work, or just want a refresher after a break in our work together? A single session lasts approximately 2 hours where you'll get some mind-body tools to take away, and a deep experience of change for the better. Session is in-person or via video conference, and lasts approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Multi-Session Programs are encouraged to best support your desired outcomes; they come with a savings when paid for upfront, and ensure time is available for you on my calendar.


Three Sessions Package $775

Targeted first aide to set you on your way. Introduces you to the five steps of the foundational program of 12 sessions. Each session is in-person or via video conference, and lasts approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Six Sessions Package $1537

The most popular choice, intensive support that guides you through the first half of the foundational program of 12 sessions. Each session is in-person or via video conference, and lasts approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Smoking Cessation (4 Sessions Package)  $1031

Includes extensive interviewing to prepare for smoking cessation session, smoking cessation session, and final session to reinforce and ensure subconscious parts are in support of your new life. E-Book and instant downloadable audios are supplied at first session. Each session is in-person or via video conference, and lasts approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Career Coaching (6 sessions) $1589

Six meetings to learn and practice skills to become aware of your gifts, talents, and heart’s desire; and connect to inner resources and orienting signals to help you move toward your goals without sabotaging yourself unconsciously. Each session is in-person or via video conference, and lasts approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Mini Session $250 per hour

After we have worked together for some time, many of my clients enjoy mini/interim sessions. This is a kind of “boots on the ground” support when engaging novel experience. These are usually by phone or Skype, and last 30-60 minutes.


Speaking, Presentations & Workshops

Contact me for current rates. For Mind-Body Skills Groups, HealthRhythms Group Drumming, and other special programs, contact me for current rates.


Why Work With Me?

As a former engineer and a soul deeply recovered from severe PTSD, I’ve always been most interested in practical ways to create results that encourage, uplift and honor the human experience. Pain is a part of life, but suffering doesn’t have to be. Let me mentor you into more of your capacity to be victorious in healing your pain, putting an end to your suffering, and sharing the wealth of your innate genius with others in ways that are inspiring, satisfying and impactful.





Cancellation Policy
All sessions are prepaid. If you do not keep your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, your session will be considered used.    
General Policies

Payment: Please expect to pay for services at time of scheduling. Your prepayment saves your space on my calendar. Your session is not confirmed until payment is received. We accept cash, checks, and credit and debit cards.


Insurance: I do not participate in any insurance plans. Check with your carrier to learn of their criteria to reimburse you for this work. Upon request, I can email you a "Statement" with CPT Codes which you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement according to what your insurance carrier allows.

Some of my clients get reimbursed for the cost of our sessions, although we can’t guarantee that because of the wide range of insurance policies and coverage. The following are reimbursement Codes:


Procedure Code: 90880

Diagnostic Code: (This will be the diagnosis from your medical professional)

Session Includes:

CPT 90880 Hypnotherapy

ICD-10-PCS (GZFZZZZ) Medical Hypnosis & Guided Imagery 80 min.

ICD-10-PCS (GZC9ZZZ) Biofeedback 15 min.


Time: The initial session is usually two hours or more. Subsequent sessions take 90 minutes, up to 2 hours if needed, all individualized according to your needs.

If you are traveling from a distance, please give yourself a cushion of time so as not to cut short our time together.


Phone Sessions:  Phone sessions work best when we can have visual connection via video conferencing, with Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or other video conferencing format.  I have found these sessions to be just as powerful and effective as in-person sessions.


Fees: My per session fee is $269. As sessions vary in time length due to your needs at the time, you are paying for the session, not for the time used. Package rates are available at a discounted price. My hourly rate is $250 per hour, and package rate is for a set number of sessions. When you work with me you are simultaneously working with a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Interactive Guided Imagery Practitioner, Advanced Mind-Body Skills Practitioner, and mind-body and trauma healing teacher to mental health professionals.


Phone calls and Emails:  I'm happy to take short phone calls or emails without charge, and offer a no charge 20 minute phone call for new client inquiries to ensure this work is a good fit for you. Once we are engaged, if phone calls or emails require significant time (10 minutes or more), or become a regular part of our work, there will be a charge for them based on time used.

Helpful Forms

Click here to view and print forms for your appointment.