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When You're Ready To Go Deep - It's All Healable.
Mind-body tools to fix things and change things from the inside out.
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       FAQs - Fequently Asked Questions

What are some of the issues that your work has successfully addressed?

  • Bridge phobias

  • Driving phobias

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Pain

  • Addictions

  • Trauma

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Childhood abuse and neglect

  • Chronic stress

  • Repeating unwanted themes

  • Nightmares

  • Sexual abuse

  • Ritual torture

  • Psychogenic seizures

  • Eating disorders

  • Anger management

  • Impulse control

  • Overwhelming emotions

  • Unwanted habits or behaviors

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Feeling stuck, blocked or immobilized

  • Doing “all the right things” yet symptoms persist

  • Lawsuit or Interview preparation

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Over-sensitivity

  • Obsessive behaviors

  • Increase happiness levels

  • Increase depth of spirituality

  • Increase clarity

  • Increase performance

  • Discover career path

  • More confidence

  • Learn “Life’s Purpose”

  • Infertility

  • Menopause or Andropause symptoms

  • Support as adjunct to medical treatment

  • See if past lives are real

  • Smoking cessation

  • Weight loss

  • Medical trauma

  • Integrate "medicine journey" experiences and effects


Who are your clients?

  • Pathfinders: here to find their unique path of genius and service, walk it well, and help others do the same

  • Transformers of Culture: here to change the world for the better

  • Professional Men: ambitious to succeed and want to lead well and perform well, and leave a good legacy

  • Professional Women: ambitious to make a difference in their sphere of influence, and the world

  • Educators: who want to make a difference in their sphere of influence, and the world

  • Those hungry to heal, and to make a difference in their sphere of influence, and the world

  • Those ready to do deep work to effect real, lasting change and freedom

  • Helping professionals who want to get better results

  • Licensed therapists who want simpler ways to get better results more quickly

  • People who care deeply about bringing their best selves to their relationships - personally, professionally and socially

  • Those who have tried many types of support and methods, yet haven’t gotten desired results

  • People seeking to reintegrate themselves


What are some ideas you strongly disagree with in your area of expertise?

  • Meditation is hard

  • Meditation is time-consuming

  • Meditation is an extreme sport

  • Healing is a difficult, protracted process

  • Resolving trauma and PTS is a difficult, protracted process

  • You “just have to live with” the effects of trauma and PTS

  • Coping is the goal - (Coping is the new smoking!)

  • “Don’t go there” ignore the trouble and think positive

  • Positivity is the panacea

  • Dissociative techniques/Spiritual bypass meditation practices

  • The doctor/patient model is most effective

  • People are basically weak, bad, broken and defective, and must be taught what’s right and best from an external expert

  • What works for one to succeed will work for you if you just pay enough money and follow the steps correctly


How is this work different than what you’ve done before; what’s truly unique and special about what you're offering?

  • Doesn’t take you away from yourself and your power

  • Takes you deep into yourself - where all your power and resources are

  • Faster results - as fast as your own inner wisdom allows

  • Truly collaborative - not doctor/patient model of diagnose problem and prescribe remedy that you must comply with to get results

  • Not prescriptive - guides and educes (draws the solution out of you) but does not direct your experience (except in emergency)

  • Aims to resolve the root-cause source of what’s troubling or obstructing you, not just the symptoms

  • Uninhibited by ineffective rules of popular meditation, hypnosis and mentally focused mindfulness methods

  • Supports collaboration vs. dissociation - by not asking you to not think or to be free of thinking, or to leave your body or conscious mind behind, but supports the communion and collaborative interplay and intercommunication between your conscious and unconscious mind, your left brain and right brain, your head and your heart, your mind and your body, your personality and your soul

  • Extremely gentle, yet very direct in how it gets you resourced and ready to resolve the root cause of your challenge

  • Doesn’t require adherence to, or acceptance of any particular religious or spiritual philosophy to work

  • Doesn’t require externally applied regimens to succeed

  • Doesn’t require “accountability” to your coach and guide

  • Respects your sovereignty, agency, and right and ability to choose and create

  • Doesn’t fight or work against you or your trouble

  • Helps you connect to your own answers and your own abilities to make changes, in an extremely respectful and collaborative way. Though there are clear steps to follow, it’s not prescriptive or dogmatic in its support of you uncovering and connecting to what’s most helpful to you, for your unique life and work.  The steps help you connect to your value and worth and wisdom; along with your abilities to have the experience you want to have; to create the life you want, and live your unique purpose in the most satisfying ways - for you.


What do you do?

  • I help people get what they want

  • I help people make the changes they want to make

  • I teach mind-body methods to create change

  • I teach mind-body methods to change your experience of yourself, in your body and in your life

  • Hypnotherapy and trauma healing

  • Mindfulness and meditation coaching

  • Interactive inner journey guiding with Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery

  • Mind-Body Coaching


How do you do it?

  • With a combination of collaborative coaching and guided inner-world journeys, I show you how to make the journey within, gather resources, slay inner dragons, and rescue and reintegrate lost or fragmented parts of yourself that are needed now for you to get what you want.

  • I teach simple, yet powerful mind-body methods to connect to inner strengths, clear away inner obstacles, and reintegrate disconnected parts of self.

  • When this work is a good fit: we work together in multiple sets of 6 sessions at a time, weekly or bi-weekly for 6 - 24 sessions, before scheduling ongoing support every 4-8 weeks for those who are qualified.


What does it involve?

  • Combines coaching, guided mindfulness meditation, somatic meditation, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, and other mind-body skills in 90 minute - 2 hour sessions in person or via video conference

  • The work is very deep and very effective, in part, because it’s so gentle, and builds at a pace that doesn’t take anything away from your operating system so-to-speak, without first making sure your systems are stable and strong enough to release unhelpful elements of your inner structure; making room for more of your natural strengths, talents and abilities to circulate in your systems and radiate in your life.


What results does this work create?

  • Feel better in your own skin

  • Greater peace, confidence and ease

  • More hopeful

  • Connected more fully to meaning and purpose

  • Better relationships - with self and others

  • Relief of unwanted habits, reactions, addictions and the trauma that drives them

  • Heals trauma and posttraumatic stress

  • Perceive self more positively

  • Clarity

  • Activate the healing response

  • Greater creativity

  • Better performance

  • Better moods

  • Greater stability and resilience when meeting challenges

  • More passion

  • You get what you ask for!  As odd as that might seem, we actually get out of the habit of asking for what we want - or even being aware of what we really want - as we move through life doing what we can to manage our environments and relationships. When we have the space and the encouragement to get in touch with what we long for or is inspiring and energizing for us, our inner genius and ingenuity know how to move us into the direction or our dreams.


Who is it for?

  • Most of my clients are aware that in order to feel the way they want to feel; and have the kind of impact in the world they want to have, a deep level of support is required.

  • This program has worked equally well for professionals, trauma survivors, and educators; and with all ages - from in the womb (via their parents) to just short of the grave!  It’s really designed for those who want to make changes for the better, personally; for those they love, and in the world.

  • It’s for those who want to get clear on what their dreams are and what they can do to bring them about. It’s for those who want to create and experience dramatic change for the better, and positively influence others, while enjoying the heck out of life!

  • Those that are not ready for dramatic change for the better are not a good fit for this work.  If you’re satisfied with the way things are now, then this program is not for you.  

  • Or, if you want to turn yourself over to someone or something that will take away all your troubles and magically turn you and your life into something better, without experiencing how you yourself are capable of resolving the source of your challenges, then this program is not for you.


How long does it take?

  • How many sessions always depends on the individual and the layers needed to be strengthened and cleared so the love, safety and freedom can blossom bigger and fuller.

  • Most people work with me in sets of 6 sessions at a time, for 3, 6 or 12 months.  If you're not familiar with my work, I recommend you experience an initial session, at the end of which you will know for certain if this work is for you, at this time.

  • We typically meet weekly, or every-other-week initially, and for those who desire continued support after completing substantial work together, monthly and bimonthly sessions are available.


Why do you do it?

  • It’s the richest, most meaningful, and uplifting thing I can imagine. I get to see glimpses into the beauty and heroism of the human soul.  With all that each and every one of us has experienced and endured, as inhabitants on this beautiful but very challenging planet, I am constantly inspired by the human spirit that endures against such odds.

  • I love humanity and want to support those I love in experiencing the wonder of who and what they are and what they are capable of.

  • I believe that if it’s to be, it’s up to we.  For the problems, atrocities and injustices to be set right, it will require many empowered individuals working together to create change for the better.

  • It’s fun to be amazed by the awe-inspiring material that presents itself in the inner world, and to share how easy it is to adventure within.


Why coach with you?

  • As a former engineer and a soul deeply recovered from severe PTSD, I’ve always been most interested in practical ways to create results that encourage, uplift and honor the human experience. Pain is a part of life, but suffering doesn’t have to be. Let me mentor you into more of your capacity to be victorious in healing your pain, putting an end to your suffering, and sharing the wealth of your innate genius with others in ways that are inspiring, satisfying and impactful.
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