When You're Ready. It's All Healable. Mind-body tools to fix things and change things from the inside out.
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You can resolve the root cause of unwanted symptoms and experience freedom from anxiety, pain, unwanted behaviors and overwhelming emotions.

Your Mind, Body and Spirit know how. 
Our work together uses Functional Meditation and Collaborative Coaching, which combines Hypnotherapy, Interactive Guided Imagerysm, Mind-Body Skills and Life Coaching so you can experience some truly simple yet profoundly transformative mind-body tools to free yourself to realize your dreams.
In a supportive and non-judgemental partnership, our work together is guided by your uniquely individual needs, to support you in getting what you want.

Together we'll work to help you access strengths and inner resources to optimize your ability to make the changes you want to make, and live with a greater sense of purpose, loving yourself and your life, and sharing your gifts in ways that change the world for the better.


"The hypnotherapy sessions with Gina were like visiting with a friend in that I was made to feel comfortable and that anything happening during session was held in the strictest confidence. The questioning was open-ended so that I was not "led" into a particular thought pattern, making it more applicable to my life as things were thoroughly explored for depth and meaning. I have gained a deeper appreciation of who I am and have become more spiritually aware than ever before. I can't begin to tell you how much the work I have done with Gina means to me. It gave me back my life--actually, it gave me a life!"   

"The process helped ease my pain and eventually it was completely gone. Gina was caring, professional, empathetic, compassionate and included me throughout the process. She introduced me to a new way of helping myself."   Joann Blaska, M.S., Retired Program Manager, STANISLAUS COUNTY COMMUNITY SERVICES AGENCY

"The techniques you taught me to deal with negative and uncomfortable feelings have been invaluable. I use them all the time. It centers me incredibly! I feel much more comfortable in my own skin, more confident, and I trust my intuition more. I feel empowered."   SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST

"At the beginning of our meeting, my stress level was 900 on a scale from one to ten. Now it's a negative three."  
VETERAN, Salvation Army Transitional Living program


"These methods are unique in the way they honor each participant, not as a “dysfunctional” mess in need of repair, but as a heroic soul on an intense journey of discovery - of their own wondrous nature, and capacities to transform their experience." Gina Vance, CERTIFIED LIFE COACH & MIND-BODY SKILLS FACILITATOR

Balance Your Life

Manage Your Stress

Achieve Your Goals

“I’m sleeping well now and looking at things with a much different perspective. Paying more attention and feeling less stressed at the office. Because I’m not a religious man, I was really surprised at how ‘spiritual’ some of my imagery was.”  PHYSICIAN
“Through our sessions I came into a sense of reassurance that there is something within me that I’ve tapped into that can be a positive force - a natural energy that I didn’t know I had.” ATTORNEY

“It's a wonderful tool! Hypnotherapy has made me realize that I'm OK just the way I am. It's also provided me with numerous tools to use when a challenge arises."  JULIE SUTHERLAND

“I went to four hypnotherapy sessions with Gina Vance and it changed my life for the better. I’m a therapist and had to deal with unresolved grief from the past. Once I made my resolves, my life changed. My friends tell me I’m more balanced - happier. I would not hesitate to recommend hypnotherapy to anyone and I frequently do.”  CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER

“I’ve been sleeping really well since our first session - my sleep is so incredibly long now- six to eight hours a night versus the two hours a night before; I’m a lot calmer overall and my memory is so clear since our work together - amazing!”  PHYSICIAN


“I now feel fluency inside me.  I feel myself reacting differently.  I like this imagery work, and I now like myself as a person and I have a different approach to life.  It's fabulous!" HOMEMAKER
“Our work has helped me get a positive spin on things and a sense of hope that I can overcome the fears I have. I have a new attitude toward conflict and challenges, I am more in tune with my body and now free of chemical dependencies. I feel more confident, have better self control and self-discipline. I feel more assertive. I say what’s on my mind more than usual. I talk more to people, it makes them happy. I now find that accepting some level of disharmony, brings me more harmony. I’m more confident, have better perspective, am more introspective and feel different (better) about myself.”  PROFESSIONAL MAN

“Passion!  You are passionate about your work and it shows. It lends confidence to the participants.

Faith!  You have faith in process work and in your clients.  You believe in Truth with a capital T and Process with a capital P and you have Faith that clients can and will access truth for themselves through process work.

Experience/Wisdom!  You are an experienced and wise facilitator.  You guide people with a vast array of tools and know how to help them "put the brakes" on or make it safe for themselves at the same time.

Results!  Working with you gives results.  You are direct and get to the point and help people experience transformations.”  Jennifer Kara, DOULA

"Before going to Gina with help for weight loss, I was a skeptic. After my experience with Gina, I have changed from being skeptical to becoming an advocate of hypnosis done by Gina Vance. Her professionalism, competence, and special sense of humor have been a special life experience and extremely rewarding for me."  MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST

"I am forever grateful to you for the miracles that occurred in my life during and especially after our group sessions ended.  The benefits manifested tenfold after our group meetings ended as I continued using and strengthening the skills you taught me.  It's been a priviledge to get to know you and share our sacred truths.  Please keep doing what you are doing, because we need more light and love and miracles in our world."  MIND-BODY SKILLS GROUP PARTICIPANT

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